Rust effect statuette complete bundle 5 videos


Product Description

Technique: Rust on iron and metal effect 

There are 2 video bundles you can buy or buy them separately

#1 Armature making with wires and aluminium foil, with accents on anatomy $40,00

#2 Rose clay technique on body $20,00

#3 Rose clay technique for crackled paste bolero $20,00

#4 Making of skirt with Metal sheets effect $20,00

#5 Rust effect technique with Acrylic, Paverpol, Paverplast and Pavercolors $50,00

We have prepared 2 Video bundles at a special price for you!

One bundle of 5 videos:

Complete package (Value of $150,00) PAY ONLY $110,00


You already know how to make the armature? Then buy the bundle of 4 videos, without #1 armature video (value of $110,00 ) PAY ONLY $80,00

To Make this project, see this list of material, Paverpol products not included and some stuff from home or hardware store: 

Material : Paverpol Black (or grey) Artstone, Paverplast, Pavercolors Sienna (or champagne ) and Seablue (or Green ) 14g electrical wires, 18g Iron wire, iron rod 3/16” or ready made iron support, aluminum foil, masking tape, scissors, brushes, spatula, Acrylic Burnt Umber or brownish color, Base if you dont use a ready made support ( wood block, half brick, ciment base 2” x 4” x 4” approx)




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