Video Tutorial Ball Gown Lady

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 Video, 3 Days Live with Lise St-Cyr

How to Create a Mixed-Media Ballgown Lady Sculpture!

Free LIVE Training with
Lise St-Cyr




Festivity gown / Robe de bal

  • Paverpol 500ml de Paverpol bronze
  • Support de métal/Iron rod stand
  • or/ou base with 3/16” Iron rod/ Base avec tige de fer 3/16”
  • Paverplast
  • Wrappers
  • Papier aluminium paper
  • Masking tape (medium & large)
  • Hockey tape (medium & large) or wrappers
  • optional: Releif decoration
  • Optional: Styrofoam 2” egg

-1/2 tasse/cup de perles décoratives/Mini beads


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