Circus Girl Video tutorial

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Video tutorial of the Circus Girl 

is ready for purchasing , you can pay by e-transfert to my email: or if you are outside of Canada, I can send a PayPal request

It is  $70,00 for the 4 videos : Circus Girl 

-Video 1 Armature tips 

( but it’s not the whole armature making, you can use any technique for the armature, cotton strips, wrappers or hockey tape, this is sold separately depending on the one you want)

-video 2-3  clothing 

You learn how to make a funky dress, a completely new way to dress up a statuette. Possibilitys are endless! So much fun!

-video 4 conclusion mini beads and texture technique, acrylic color application, with mini beads.. tips for a good base. 

If you want to purchase it with the hockey tape application or any other momification it’s $100,00 for 5 video’s

(Armature making videos are usually $40,00)

Plus the complete PDF  instructions by email.

Jewel 8x10x19”


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