Paversand Class

Come and play in the sand with our Paversand product, you can create an abstract statue or a contemporary Heron garden statue

You dont have space for the big heron in your garden? Why not make one smaller for your terrace, patio or balcony? Or even to decorate your home decor?

or make a beautiful contemporary sculpture with our Paversand product. Let your imagination go free. This one can also decorate your home inside or outside.



30 Mars 9:30h-4:30h Statue Abstraite $110.00+tx
Blue Heron
Blue Heron






Paverpol 3 Ladies with Candle Holder class

Paverpol class: 3 dames avec chandelier/3 Ladies with Candle holder
$115,00+tx produits Paverpol products inc.

Paverpol, Paversand and Releif deco, a project fun to work, with a beautiful and decorative result that can be a beautiful Candelabra for your home and be outside in the garden in Summertime.

(pre-requisite of one day class)

Paverpol, Paversand et Releif deco, un projet amusant à travailler, qui donne une belle sculpture Chandelier pour la maison et qui peut être mise au jardin cet été.

(pré-requis d’un cours Paverpol)

3 Ladies candle